The secret at Alchemy is our ability to capture your brand's individuality and showcase it visually alongside simple, effective communication.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed with branding your business, don't worry - we simplify the process. It's like drinking a magic potion, specially crafted just for you.

Cat laying on a magical spell book with potions nearby
Assortment of tabletop game dice on top of a character sheet
Greg Gammino, founder of Alchemy Design, posing at Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

A message from Greg

Alchemy was founded to help small businesses achieve big business goals. Having worked with large corporate accounts such as 3M, BJ's, Canon, Ferrari, and Walmart - I've been able to tailor that same approach to small businesses.

In my earlier years as a novice graphic designer, I used to think that great design was enough to help businesses make money. Present day with 20+ years experience, I recognize it's only half the battle. By truly understanding how a customer makes decisions and the emotional triggers behind them, is how you gain a strategic competitive edge. We are more than a graphic design company, we are your brand design strategists.

I believe that your brand should fully embrace the personality traits that make it unique. Alchemy is comprised of nerd culture. Catch us rolling D20s, trying out the latest tech, or visiting Galaxy's Edge - we're all about it, and proud.


Become the brand that others envy.

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