435 Manhasset

435 Manhasset

435 Manhasset
Brand Identity. Strategy.
Brand Identity. Strategy.

We transformed an outdated deli into a gourmet hot spot by applying a modern-vintage charm.


The Mission

Our mission was to elevate 435 Manhasset Deli's existing brand image and set it apart from the typical delis in New York. We aimed to bring together a modern yet vintage feel, highlighting the deli's gourmet offerings and creating a memorable journey that would keep customers coming back for more and raving about their experience.

The Challenge

435 Manhasset Deli was known in the area but had an outdated, mediocre reputation. The new owners wanted to refresh the deli's image without alienating existing customers and also attract new attention. Giving the deli an upscale feel would also allow them to compete in the catering space.

End Results

The Outcome

We made 435 Manhasset a gourmet spot by giving it a brand identity inspired by early 1900s America. We create a timeless color palette by combining neutrals with the city’s colors. The updated logo now adorns new, stylish uniforms, packaging, and signs. This made the deli stand out and attracted new customers while still pleasing their regular ones.

The Impact

435 Manhasset Deli is now the top choice for customers, beating out other nearby delis, even on the same block. Its updated look, themed menu, and unique personality have made it a popular gourmet destination, not just a convenient stop. Brand recognition, customers and catering revenue have all increased since the rebrand.

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