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Beachwood Society

Beachwood Society
Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

Beachwood Society, located in Naples, Florida, stands out as the sole provider of direct cremation services within the local vicinity. With a history as the budget-friendly option, they sought to reinvent themselves, transitioning into a premium, white-glove cremation service.


The Mission

Our project aimed to shift Beachwood Society's image from a low-cost service to one that exemplifies high-end care and local convenience. They wanted to be recognized as a service that offers peace of mind, ensuring that the handling of loved ones' remains is done with the utmost respect and care, and all within the local area.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to navigate the delicate nature of the cremation industry while refreshing the brand. The goal was to honor their established history yet bring a contemporary and upscale flair to the brand's appearance. Moving away from a generic bird silhouette, we decided to draw inspiration from the Florida scrub jay—a bird familiar to the region—to forge a stronger connection with the community. Additionally, the aim was to move away from the somber color scheme, which didn't align with the new direction.

End Results

The Outcome

The result was a visual identity that radiates a coastal, soothing, and contemporary vibe. By rejuvenating the color palette, we introduced a sense of gentleness appropriate for the sensitive nature of the service, while also infusing a modern touch. The new bird silhouette is now a distinct emblem, resonating with the locality. The chosen typeface complements the sophisticated and high-end feel of the brand—it's not only readable and modern but also exudes comfort and luxury.

The Impact

The rebranding led to an increase in client inquiries and overall satisfaction. The fresh, inviting brand image of Beachwood Society has been effectively integrated across various platforms and materials. Beachwood Society has successfully repositioned itself in the market—from being viewed as just an affordable option to becoming the leading choice for compassionate and trustworthy cremation services.

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