Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

Charmed is the brainchild of Natalie Upshaw, a passionate food photographer dedicated to helping restaurants encapsulate their exquisite culinary creations. Natalie leverages her love for food and photographic skills under the banner of 'Charmed' to bring to life the beautifully plated work that her clients strive to showcase.


The Mission

Our goal was to assist Natalie in creating a brand logo that would echo the elegance she persistently captures for her clients. The objective was to craft a symbol that embodies the luxury, sophistication, and a dash of unique character associated with her photography business.

The Challenge

The task at hand was to construct a design that exuded refinement and luxury, yet infused with a distinctive personality. This logo would grace various touch points of her brand, from tote bags and shirts to stationery. Therefore, the challenge lay in ensuring the logo radiated an upscale, professional appeal, but did not feel staid or lacking in dynamism.

End Results

The Outcome

Our solution was an emblem that drew inspiration from various sources, harmoniously bringing them together in an elegant fusion. At a glance, the overall icon takes the form of an intricate, flowery earring, symbolizing a charm.

Upon a closer look, the details reveal multifaceted meanings: an overhead perspective of the logo resembles a table set for four, subtly alluding to Natalie's food niche. The diagonal lines play dual roles, representing both dining utensils and, from a head-on perspective, a camera flash—a nod to her photography business.

The Impact

The resultant brand image uplifted the photography business to an upper echelon—professional, high-end, and highly specialized within the industry Natalie serves.

The scalable logo, adaptable to various formats, offers her clients an air of confidence and reassurance, reinforcing the understanding that Natalie and her team are not just experts, but connoisseurs of their craft.

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