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Dear Coffee
Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

Dear Coffee emerges as a fresh and unique coffee shop in the bustling streets of New York City, crafted by the coffee aficionados behind the successful Kaigo Coffee, with existing locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This new venture is a thematic homage to coffee, drawing inspiration from the owner's global coffee experiences.


The Mission

The project's goal was to create an entirely new brand identity for this concept coffee shop. Our collaboration with Dear Coffee included refining their brand's ideas, visual aesthetic, and narrative. They sought a more personalized representation of their vision, which had not been captured by their previous designer.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design an emblematic brand that would capture attention in a competitive market like New York City, while also being versatile enough for potential expansion into multiple locations or franchises.

The brand needed to align with the planned interior decor of creamy earth tones and neutral colors, embracing a minimalist Scandinavian design. We aimed to avoid the cliché imagery commonly associated with coffee branding, such as beans and cups.

End Results

The Outcome

The brand identity came to life with the creation of the quill feather icon, symbolizing the intimate and affectionate notes one might write to a beloved cup of coffee. It reflects the diverse ways coffee can be savored, without any preconceptions or judgments.

The feather also signifies exploration and travel, echoing the owner's journey to discover diverse coffee cultures and flavors from around the world. Accompanying the quill, the star icon represents both the North Star and a compass, guiding coffee enthusiasts on a flavorful odyssey through life.

The Impact

We laid down a solid foundation for Dear Coffee to build upon. By translating their story into compelling visuals, we equipped them with a cohesive branding toolkit for all their marketing materials. The script text elements are reminiscent of handwritten love letters, and the blush color palette seamlessly integrates with the interior design, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The new brand identity not only defines Dear Coffee's image but also enhances the overall customer experience, embodying the brand's essence and promise.

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