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DEJ Cleaning
Brand Identity. Web Design.
Brand Identity. Web Design.

DEJ Cleaning, rooted in Orlando, is a unique cleaning enterprise forged by the mother-daughter duo, Elizabeth and Dayanna Jacobo. They extend meticulous cleaning services to a variety of spaces, including homes, apartments, and commercial and retail venues, offering both routine maintenance and one-time deep cleaning services. Their dedication to spotlessness and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the local market.


The Mission

Our assignment was to overhaul their outdated, nondescript clip art logo sourced from a local print shop, a design far too common and lacking originality. Furthermore, realizing the potential of digital presence, we were tasked with establishing their debut online via a dedicated website, aiming to reflect the quality and reliability of their services.

The Challenge

The main obstacle was carving a unique identity for DEJ Cleaning in a crowded market bereft of differentiation. The absence of a brand aesthetic, mission statement, or identifiable branding elements posed a significant challenge. The duo desired a brand that would be perceived as high-end yet approachable, professional but with a playful edge. The preference for a sleek, clean design, with blue as the dominant brand color, was a specific client request that needed to be creatively addressed.

End Results

The Outcome

The revitalized brand identity took inspiration from the concept of 'stars.' This multi-faceted approach was rooted in their previous logo's sparkle, symbolizing the gleaming clean they're known for, and subtly nodding to their celebrity clientele. The incorporation of '2 stars' paid homage to the mother-daughter founders. This emblem became the cornerstone of their branding, extending across various media, including van wraps, business cards, stationery, brochures, posters, advertisements, and a newly minted website.

The website we designed provided an essential platform for their online presence, showcasing their services, fostering customer trust, and facilitating easy booking procedures.

The Impact

Post-rebranding, DEJ Cleaning experienced a surge in client bookings and an enhanced online presence, positioning them competitively against other established brands in the area. Their distinct and personalized branding set them apart from the generic visual language often seen in cleaning services.

The noticeable van wrap ensures they capture attention even on the move, serving as a mobile advertisement. Their upgraded image not only instills a sense of pride within the team but also communicates prestige and meticulousness to current and potential clients, thereby elevating their market stance.

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