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Brand Identity. Website. Strategy.

A top-rated, family owned, auto body collision repair facility known throughout New York for their Tesla certified repairs and expertise. When customers have a luxury vehicle that needs meticulous repairs and restoration, Don Joe is the place to go.


The Mission

Our goal was to bring Don Joe up to modern day speed in both their brand appearance and technology. With the rise of technology and popularity of electric vehicles, they wanted to deepen their moat of being the #1 rated Tesla authorized repair shop.

The Challenge

Don Joe had two challenges on their hands. They needed to update their brand image to be more modern while still preserving its historical roots. Additionally, their security-vulnerable WordPress website had a poor user experience, so a complete rebuild was necessary to lay the foundation for an online Tesla lead-generating marketing campaign.

End Results

The Outcome

Don Joe's brand identity was refreshed by expanding their color palette and building on their historic shield, making their brand more recognizable. Their new website is secure, user-friendly, and provides customers with the information they need quickly and easily, building confidence in the brand's ability to perform the job.

The Impact

Don Joe now benefits from a high-end appearance and easy-to-use, lightning-fast, responsive website that not only looks modern but generates qualified Tesla leads daily due to our marketing efforts. They currently dominate the entire New York market for all Tesla repairs.

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