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Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

EV Garage is not just any auto body shop; it's a Florida-based innovator focusing on electric vehicles, especially Teslas. They've set the bar high for quality service and an unmatched customer experience, distancing themselves from the typical frustrations associated with the auto body industry.


The Mission

Our mission was a rebranding endeavor to craft an identity for EV Garage that would reflect the high standards and core values they stand by. The task was not merely aesthetic; it was about encapsulating the essence of their service—top-tier, meticulous, and forward-thinking. This was a step away from the 'comfort zone' and into a space that resonated with their disruptive ethos, much like Tesla, which they deeply admire.

The Challenge

We faced the stereotype of the auto body industry—long waits, mediocre repairs, and the disappointing 'used car' look. EV Garage's previous logo, a generic car silhouette provided by another agency, was the epitome of the 'comfort zone' that they needed to break away from. It was crucial to not just change the design but to transform the perception, creating an emblem that was as pioneering as the service they aimed to provide.

As we delved into the challenge, it was clear that EV Garage needed to stand out as a beacon of change in a sea of conformity. They needed a visual identity that would do justice to their mission of revolutionizing the auto body experience for electric vehicle owners.

End Results

The Outcome

The result is the 'EVG' logo—a lightning bolt that also cleverly outlines the letters of their name. It's subtle, yet striking, a visual pun that conveys speed, precision, and electrifying service. The typeface echoes the Tesla brand, signifying their status as certified experts and underlining their commitment to electric vehicles.

This wasn't just a new logo; it was the incarnation of their values and ambitions. The lightning bolt symbol was a clear departure from the mundane and a leap towards a future they are passionate about shaping.

The Impact

Now, EV Garage is not just seen; it's recognized and respected as the leading electric vehicle body shop, especially for Tesla owners. They've shifted gears from being a run-of-the-mill shop to becoming a hallmark of quality and trustworthiness. This identity sets them up not just for success in their current location but also for future expansion and franchising.

Looking back, the journey from a forgettable first draft to a bold new emblem mirrors the growth and transformation of EV Garage itself. Their new branding is a declaration of their standards, a symbol of the revolution they are driving in the EV body shop space. It's a testament to stepping out of the 'comfort zone' and into a space of innovation and leadership.

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