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Fairpaw approached us to rebrand their veterinary practice with the goal of increasing revenue. We created a modern and trustworthy brand that resonated with their audience and positioned Fairpaw as a premier authority in pet care. As a result, the practice saw a significant increase in new customers and pets, with the new brand being easily scalable across different products and services.


The Mission

Fairpaw approached us with the task of rebranding their existing veterinary practice. As animal lovers, we jumped at the opportunity to tackle the pet care industry with a fresh approach. Our initial involvement was to strategize a relaunch with the goal of increased revenue. From there, our projects expanded to name creation, logo design, marketing positioning, and more.

The Challenge

Fairpaw was already operating as a successful practice, however, they definitely felt there was room for improvement. They had the staff, knowledge, and experience to back it all up, but were suffering from outdated technology & aesthetics to attract new clientele. Our discovery session identified a gap they could take advantage of - we quickly went to work on creating a brand that would resonate with their audience, and a strategy that would position their business as the premier authority in the pet care field.

End Results

The Outcome

The pet industry steadily grows year over year, with nearly 70% of U.S. households having at least 1 furry companion in it. If you’re an animal person, you already know the feeling of taking better care of your pet than yourself. We saw this as an opportunity to give the people what they want - a modern-day, boutique experience for both the owner and pet.

Gone were the beige-colored walls and stagnant looking creative. By creating an attractive, clean visual identity kit with matching brand messaging, Fairpaw was able to convey a sense of trust, safety, and expertise - all important qualities when it comes to healthcare.

The Impact

The logo, color palettes, typography and supporting elements we created were easily scalable for use through different products & services. Fairpaw’s visual identity & messaging spanned across advertising, office signage, marketing materials, packaging, staff uniforms, and more, which in turn created a memorable and trustworthy brand. Most importantly, Fairpaw saw a huge increase in new customers & pets.

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