Brand Identity. Strategy.
Brand Identity. Strategy.

Foundbl is a new app specifically created for photographers of all levels. Their tool learns, adapts & educates to the user's specific needs. We helped them establish their visual brand identity to match their dark-themed UI.

We also supported Foundbl's brand strategy with clarification and simplification of messaging.


The Mission

Foundbl is an incredible app to help photographers elevate their photography business, however, their brilliant idea needed a worthy logo to represent their ambitious goals.  Our mission was to establish a bold, minimalistic, abstract logo to be the face of the company with supporting elements.

The Challenge

Foundbl told us that their key metric for success would be having their logo developed without needing to micro manage. With that in mind, our logo design process is what sets us apart from other design companies. We collaborate with stylescapes and set expectations early on so that our clients are aware of the project status every step of the way, and that the final result isn't a surprise from our early drafts.

End Results

The Outcome

Foundbl's icon stemmed from many sources of inspiration.

We wanted to use the letter F - as it is the first letter of the brand, and represented a lot of what Foundbl represents - Foundation, Freelance, Freedom, Finance, Fotos. It tied in nicely with taking the first step of controlling your photography business.

Second, we were inspired by the artist MC Escher and his visual enigmas. We felt a strong connection to this; in photography you can always look at something in more than one way.

A sign post in the road with many destinations was our last inspiration. Foundbl is the perfect tool for any photographer who is looking to take the next step in their journey. Foundbl is dynamic and allows users to take a path that is customized to their specifics.

The Impact

Foundbl went from having zero graphics to having an established look that feels premium, modern, and relevant. Their color palette and logo mark is instantly recognizable and their marketing copy is succinct to help users understand what they do.

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