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Breathing new life into a 25-year old technology company that services Fortune 100 companies to small home-office businesses.


The Mission

Our goal was to update LICT’s dated logo and website, creating a modern and professional look that accurately reflected their expertise in technology. We wanted to improve their online presence and make it easier for potential clients to understand their services, which range from Fortune 100 companies to small home-office businesses.

The Challenge

LICT had a strong reputation, but their outdated logo and website were holding them back. Our challenge was to modernize their image while still being mindful of their historic iconic logo and color palette.

We needed to create a new design that accurately reflected their expertise in technology and positioned them as a trusted and reliable company. We also aimed to improve their online presence and simplify their messaging to qualify better leads.

End Results

The Outcome

LICT is now represented as “lict”, all lowercase, in a programmer style font, to represent it’s tech-relation. We subtlety introduced the “+” icon using negative area in the t and used the shapes as supporting brand elements.

The new brand identity looks modern and scales well on everything it touches, from business cards to staff uniforms to building fronts. It’s instantly recognizable and feels established.

The updated website with clear messaging helps them filter out poor fit clients that are looking for hardware sales. More than anything, they are proud to wear their logo everywhere they go.

The Impact

When dealing with large corporate businesses, having a premium, professional look is essential. Appearances are judged instantly. The new design, website and messaging helped position LICT as an even more trusted and reliable technology company, allowing them to reduce any doubts of their capabilities.

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