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Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

Maestro Movers is a residential & commercial moving company in Central Florida with a specialty focus on moving fine art and pianos with care. We updated their brand identity to showcase their niche service and establish them as an instantly recognizable differentiated service provider in their industry.


The Mission

Maestro initially contacted us to design new graphics for their moving trucks. After a quick consultation we both agreed that this would be the perfect opportunity to update their brand identity and further lean in to their specialty services to showcase their niche service as they scale their business.

The Challenge

Fine art & pianos are synonymous with audiences of discerning taste - so balancing a bold, vibrant look that captivated elegance would be our challenge to overcome. The last thing we wanted to do was come off as a dull, uninspiring and unapproachable brand.

End Results

The Outcome

The thought process behind the icon stemmed from a lot of sources of inspiration. The overall layout reminded us of framed artwork from a museum, while the sizing ratios originated from piano keys. These stacked rectangles mimicked how intricately and securely boxes are stacked and fitted during a move.

We finished with a handwritten brushed typeface that paid tribute to Maestro’s historic logo and also created contrast that founder Joshua Pendleton wanted to evoke.

The color palette was another source of contrast, taking a classic navy blue neutral and off setting it with a bright, vibrant green signifying the company’s fresh, modern appearance.

The Impact

Maestro Movers now has an updated brand identity that graces everything it touches - from it’s printed collateral, to staff uniforms, to it’s trucks that are so vividly seen in the neighborhood. Maestro Movers no longer has any issue standing out from competition and clearly indicates to their customers what they do. Their appearance is both trustworthy and modern.

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