Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

Mahal hired us to elevate their brand and create a modern yet upscale look for their restaurant. We drew inspiration from the Taj Mahal and created a logo with a subtle dome silhouette and a color palette of deep green, shimmering gold, and ivory white. The result was a successful restaurant that offers high-end dining experiences, becoming a popular destination for special occasions and events in Long Island.


The Mission

Top-rated Michelin star chefs not only craft delicious food, but they plate works of art. No matter how good the food if it’s presented in a sloppy way, your customer’s experience will fall flat. Branding in the restaurant industry is a key selling point, and our client Mahal knew this. They wanted to create a look that captures the rich heritage of Indian cuisine while elevating classic comfort dishes.

The Challenge

You can buy a hamburger at any fast-food chain for a fraction of the price of any reputable steakhouse. So why would someone do that? They both get the job done, but the level of expertise and experience that is showcased is a polar opposite.

Although Mahal’s venue was under construction, their vision was clear. Bring to life a logo & aesthetic that would feel modern yet upscale. We worked closely with their interior designers to sync up color palettes, typography, ornate fixtures, and other intricate details that would create a harmonious dining atmosphere from entry to exit.

End Results

The Outcome

When sitting down with Mahal, they spoke about their personal history of growing up in India and the driving inspiration for opening the restaurant. It was then that we discovered that “Mahal” means “palace”.

Having “palace” as the cornerstone of what the restaurant should represent, we sought inspiration from the most famous palace of all - the Taj Mahal. What stood out the most to us, was the iconic dome silhouette. We subtly crafted this shape into the text and adorned it with a crescent spear icon that resembles the pointed spires. Mahal fell in love with it instantly.

We coupled this with a color palette that could accurately reflect an upscale royal atmosphere. Deep green and contrasts of shimmering gold and ivory white were the perfect combinations to bring this all together.

The Impact

Mahal has quickly become a go-to destination for romantic date nights, special occasions, and upscale catered events like weddings and other celebratory milestone events. Their customers walk away feeling delighted that they’ve experienced high-end dining right in the heart of Long Island instead of having to travel to New York City.

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