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Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

Mass Harvest came to us with a revolutionary cannabis industry idea. They noticed that hemp farmers were able to harvest crops successfully, but started to bottleneck when it came time to trim the product for sale. Mass Harvest’s goal was to launch mobile trimming stations with a fully trained team that allowed farmers the ability to scale without the need for expensive equipment or payrolled staff.


The Mission

Our involvement was to create a memorable brand identity kit that could be utilized across different media - informational documents, website creation, staff uniforms, vehicle wraps, and more.

The Challenge

The cannabis industry has come a long way in being integrated into everyday lives, however, there are still negative stigmas that surround it. Our challenge was to create a brand aesthetic that was not only relevant to the industry but also appeared professional & polished.

End Results

The Outcome

Through our initial discovery session, we identified a great way to pay homage to their roots (no pun intended). The word “mass” in Mass Harvest’s name represented not only the bulk quantities of harvest but was also a nod to their home state of Massachusetts. By utilizing the state’s flag colors of blue & yellow and creating an icon that referenced the planting of seeds for growth, we were able to create a visually striking identity system that looked unique to the company’s mission.

The Impact

Mass Harvest adds more clients to its roster every day, making it easy to support Massachusetts farms with safety, speed, and savings. On average, they are saving farm owners up to 33% on in-house operation costs and completing jobs up to 90% faster.

Our brand identity kit not only allowed Mass Harvest to attract the right clientele, but the freedom to grow without having to worry about how to look cohesive.

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