Brand Identity
Brand Identity.

RehabSpot is an innovative physical therapy brand, under the aegis of Jonathan Gonzalez, that values a holistic approach to treatment. Contrary to the 'puppy mill' physical therapy practices that merely treat symptoms, RehabSpot targets the source of pain. Jonathan emphasizes a personalized 1-on-1 focus, and comprehensively treats all aspects of his clients' conditions, extending beyond just routine exercises.


The Mission

Our task was to develop crucial elements of RehabSpot's brand identity, including the logo, icon, wordmark, and establishing the brand's colors, typefaces, and image aesthetic. The goal was to create a cohesive and distinctive visual language that captures the essence of the brand.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to design a logo that exudes professionalism, athleticism, youthfulness, crispness, and modernity, while maintaining an upscale, non-generic appeal. Jonathan wanted to avoid appearing like the typical physical therapy brand characterized by body-in-motion logos. He also expressed a fondness for pastel colors, which traditionally convey calmness—a contrast to the sporty, youthful vibe he aspired for his brand to reflect.

End Results

The Outcome

The resulting logo encapsulates the brand's identity ingeniously. At the surface level, the icon appears to be an italicized "R", indicating movement, while the negative space forms an "S", subtly standing for the initials of RehabSpot.

The logo's rounded edges soften its dynamic energy, adding a refined touch. We successfully incorporated light pastel blues into the brand's color palette, which harmoniously complements the primary coral accent color and the dark navy blue.

The Impact

The creation of RehabSpot's brand image resulted in a timeless, upscale, youthful, professional, and athletic aesthetic, resonating with Jonathan's vision. This versatile logo is scalable for a variety of media, whether it be a large gym wall, exterior signage, or a small imprint on a collared shirt.

The logo instills confidence in clients, signaling that RehabSpot's services are a cut above the traditional, outdated practices. The brand now rivals even the biggest names in the healthcare and wellness industry and is a source of pride for its founder.

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