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Totally Psyched!
Brand Identity. Web Design.
Brand Identity. Web Design.

Totally Psyched! is a trailblazing telepsychiatry service designed to assist patients dealing with an assortment of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dementia, among others. We were commissioned to build their brand visual identity, including logo design, colors, typography, and a matching website, all tied together by a nostalgic 1980’s aesthetic.


The Mission

Our primary objective was to breathe life into the Totally Psyched! brand by crafting a memorable logo complemented by a distinct color palette and typography. We were also tasked with producing a comprehensive style guide and designing a highly effective, user-friendly website. The goal was to create an image that accurately encapsulates their unique spirit while still portraying a professional medical service.

The Challenge

Our main challenge was to fuse the flamboyant, colorful, and often exaggerated 1980s aesthetic with modern design principles. The 1980s design language is known for its excessiveness and kitsch, requiring us to walk a tightrope between exuding professionalism and not appearing outdated or overly stylized. This was a delicate balancing act between the eclectic character of the past and the streamlined sensibilities of the present.

As an added bonus, we made sure that color combinations met ADA accessibility requirements. This can be extremely difficult to balance as it constrains color options and prioritizes function over aesthetic.

The brand's logo - a critical aspect of their visual identity, was inspired by the exclamation mark, an integral part of their name. We incorporated a spiral to symbolize the complexity of mental disorders, with the top of the exclamation mark referencing lightning bolts, subtly paying homage to the Harry Potter series and the wider sphere of nerd culture, an element that the founder deeply cherishes.

End Results

The Outcome

Through a rigorous design process, we successfully created and established brand visuals that impeccably resonated with the founder's vision. The graphic elements, built with a keen understanding of the brand's character, allowed for their seamless replication across different facets such as interior design, print collateral, and apparel.

The Impact

The fresh, vibrant visuals significantly disrupted the notion of mental health being a strictly "serious" topic. By infusing a sense of fun and comfort into their brand identity, Totally Psyched! has made clients and customers feel more encouraged and optimistic about their treatment plans. The brand is no longer seen as a sterile medical entity, but a nurturing, engaging space where treatment is synonymous with empowerment.

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