Brand Identity. Strategy.
Brand Identity. Strategy.

truecalcs is a revolutionary software that simplifies complicated energy formulas into efficient residential cooling and heating plans for HVAC engineers. The end result = less energy and money spent for the homeowner, while cooling and heating are maximized due to optimal pathing and system selection.


The Mission

Our goal was to create a brand identity system and messaging that matched the truecalcs brand persona. it was essential to create something professional and scalable enough to be integrated into a website and software UI easily.

The Challenge

With the help of truecalcs founder, tony amadio, we got a crash course on HVAC engineering. our challenge was creating a balanced design and strategy platform that bridged the gap of complex formulas with approachability for all users - no matter the experience level.

End Results

The Outcome

The truecalcs icon represents the brand's expertise in HVAC engineering. The design features a rising sun, duct work pathing, and cross-hair precision, with a subtle residential home at the center. The color palette balances warm and cool colors to symbolize energy use and the typography has a modern and clean technology feel.

The Impact

We made truecalcs approachable and easy to use for both experienced and beginner engineers. Our design work, including the truecalcs icon, color palette, and typography, conveyed precision, energy efficiency, and modern technology. Our impact was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly brand identity that helped truecalcs stand out in the market.

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